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Hello students!

We are excited for the new year of Royal Identity Academy. We wanted to make you aware of some changes for this upcoming year and the schedule.

Due to restrictions with the website, we will only be making the five-latest sessions of the school accessible for re-watching. This will be in affect at the end of this month. To maintain a well-rounded teaching base, alongside of new teachings that will be uploaded, we will also be uploading some repeat sessions for this purpose of keeping students grounded in foundational teachings. That said, we will still be putting out new content in the school, resuming our live Q&A via zoom, as well as having a slew of guest speakers!

We are really excited for this year. We are grateful for every one of our students and are believing for God to move powerfully in and through you!

January 17: Embracing New Beginnings

January 24: Stewarding the Cry

January 31: Guest Speaker

February 7: Understanding Symbols in Dreams

February 13: Live Q&A via zoom

February 21: Break


Dr. Luc Niebergall and team 

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I can not wait for this

New year 2024 teaching from

Dr luc. Happy new year.

Gefällt mir
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