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June 19th, 2024 - A Biblical Look At Angels


June 19th, 2024: A Biblical Look at Angels

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. Do I have any doubt in my heart that angels, demons, and the spirit realm are real? 

  2. Looking back over my life, are there times when I perhaps encountered something in the spirit realm, but didn’t realize it at the time? 

  3. If I saw an angel, what do I assume it would look like? 


  1. Spend time reading and reflecting on Ezekiel 1 about the cherubim. Spend time reflecting on Isaiah 6 about the seraphim. 

  2. Ask the Lord if there are any specific angels assigned to your life to minister to you in this season of life. Ask the Lord what they are called to minister to you. Ask the Lord if He wants to show you what they look like. 

  3. Ask the Lord to open your eyes/senses to perceive what is happening around you in the spirit realm right now. 

June 19th - A Biblical Look at Angels
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