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March 13th, 2024 The Still, Small Voice of God


The Still, Small Voice of God 

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. Do I make room in my life to hear the still small voice of God?  

  2. Are there times when the loudness of my soul prevents me from hearing God’s whisper? 

  3. Do I prioritize being saturated in the written word of God? 

  4. Do I listen to God through the lens of seeing the Father correctly? 

  5. If I were to give someone a prophetic word, would I be doing it out of love for the individual who I’m prophesying over? 

Prophetic Activation:

  1. Ask the Lord to highlight someone who needs encouragement. 

  2. Ask the Lord a question for them: “God, what is something that you love about this person?”

  3. Also ask, “Is there something you want to say to them to encourage them?”

  4. Remember that God will speak edification, exhortation, and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3). 

The Still, Small Voice of God
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