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Session 21: Words of Knowledge


Session 21: Words of Knowledge

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. Can you recall a time when you have received a word of knowledge?

  2. If you have, what was your process in receiving the word of knowledge?

  3. When you pray for people, how diligent are you in waiting on God to receive words of knowledge?

  4. When you are out, going about your life, are you aware of the signs for words of knowledge for healing? (Do you feel pain in your body that you don’t normally feel? Do you discern God highlighting body parts to you?)

  5. Take time waiting on the Lord for a word of knowledge. When he gives you something, keep it in the forefront of your mind for when you are going about your life. Ask the Lord for a divine opportunity to minister to someone.

S21 - Words of Knowledge
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