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Session 24: Old Testament Vs. New Testament Prophecy


Session 24: Old Testament Vs. New Testament Prophecy

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. When you think of God, do you perceive Him through the right lens of covenant? Do you see Him through an O.T. lens, or N.T.?

  2. When you look at others, are you quicker to see their faults or their potential? Remember, it’s not wrong to discern areas where people need to grow; but we need to also look past their current state of maturity to see them as God sees.

  3. When you think of yourself, how do you see yourself? Do you perceive yourself through a lens of orphanship or sonship?

  4. Are you one to be quick to get hung up on your shortcomings? Or are you able to see yourself as God the Father sees?

  5. Spend time asking God to repattern your mind to think from a New Covenant perspective. Ask Him for eyes to see Him, others, and yourself through the lens of the blood of Jesus.

S24 - Old Testament Vs New Testament Prophecy
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