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Session 25: Keys to Transition


Session 25: Keys to Transition

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. Do you feel like you are in any form of transition? Or are you in a season to be rooted?

  2. If you are in a season to be rooted, how is God refining you right now?

  3. Is there anything specific that the Lord wants you to leave behind in order to step into greater promise?

  4. Have you fostered a heart of honour towards those around you?

  5. What are some of the relationships that God wants you to be prioritizing in this time?

  6. In reflecting on your current season, what lessons has the Lord been instilling within you?

S25 - Keys to Transition
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1 Comment

Ethel Prajzler
Ethel Prajzler
Sep 27, 2023

Thank you

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