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Session 29: Pitfalls of the Apostolic Ministry


Session 29: Pitfalls of the Apostolic Ministry

Reflection Questions to Ponder with the Lord:

  1. Do I know what sphere of influence I am called to impact?

  2. Do have I have apostolic vision for my sphere of influence?

  3. Can I recall times where I’ve idolized vision or calling? Are my priorities currently in order?

  4. Can I recall times when I’ve built in God’s timing, compared to out of His timing? Is there something I am called to build now? If so, what stage is my vision currently in?

  5. Have I been allowing God to shape within me a father’s or mother’s heart? Am I releasing enough to allow those who I train to become voices rather than echoes?

Session 29 - Pitfalls of the Apostolic Ministry
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