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Encounter. Transformation. Integrity. Legacy.

True confidence is forged in the face to face and heart to heart encounters with the Lord. Identity is revealed in the place of intimacy.

Dr. Luc Niebergall lives in Alberta, Canada, with his wife Sophie. Luc serves as a recognized prophetic voice throughout Canada and the nations. He is the founder of Royal Identity Academy International, which purposes to train people throughout the world in the things of God. 


Did you know that you were created for friendship with God? Did you know that you have a remarkable calling and destiny over your life? At Royal Identity Academy we will teach you the keys and kingdom principles required to live out the fullness of who God has created you to be. Thousands have partaken of this school, being trained and equipped in kingdom lifestyle.

Dr. Luc Niebergall is the author of over twenty books in multiple genres. His works were written with the intention of training people of all ages to live out their unique God-given purposes and to connect them with the heart of God. Luc’s books have been published in multiple languages, have been used for school curriculums, and have been adapted to theatre.

Coming from a line of professional artists in his family, Luc has spent a significant portion of his life in the arts. This resulted in his recent—and continually growing—collection of oil paintings; as well as his piano and strings music compositions. All painting and music sales go to funding his ministry to train and equip the church for the works of ministry.

God has not lost His voice. He desires to endlessly affirm, direct, and champion you.

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