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Dr. Luc Niebergall

Dr. Luc Niebergall lives in Alberta, Canada, with his wife Sophie.


Luc met the Lord at the age of sixteen through a divine life-altering encounter. This began a journey of extensive times of prayer and learning to hear the voice of God in friendship, which lasted for four years. Concluding these four years, Luc was in a church gathering where prophet, Charlie Robinson, called him from the crowd giving him a prophetic word that birthed his ministry. This resulted in Luc beginning his traveling and speaking ministry at the age of twenty.


Ever since, Luc has served as a recognized prophetic voice throughout Canada and the nations. He has focused on teaching the church to hear the voice of God and many principles of the kingdom of God. He has planted and hosted multiple ministry schools, resulting in tens of thousands being activated in the prophetic ministry. He is also sought out to prophetically speak into the lives of influential leaders in government, business, the church, and the arts. He is the founder of Royal Identity Academy - International, which purposes to train people throughout the world in the things of God. He also founded House of Scribes, to equip emerging writers and authors. Luc is the author of over twenty books in multiple genres. His works have been published in multiple languages, have been used for school curriculums, and have been adapted to theatre. He has also written for many esteemed ministers and influential voices. Luc has earned his Bachelor of Christian Leadership, Master of Theology, and Doctor of Ministry degrees. Coming from a line of professional artists in his family, Luc has spent a significant amount of his life in the arts; hence also functions as a painter and music composer.


Luc’s greatest passions are to be a friend of God, to be a loving husband to his wife, and to be an empowering and present father to his sons and daughters, both biological and spiritual.


Each of us carry the responsibility to make sure our gifting never outweighs our character and that our platform never outweighs our love.

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