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Dr. Luc Niebergall

List of works

The Heart of Heaven


The Heart of Heaven is a prophetic message about friendship with God and identity. These pages consist of a series of dreams and visions that Dr. Luc Niebergall received from the Lord between 2004–2012. God desires for each of us to lay aside the shackles of orphanhood, to embrace our crowns of sonship and daughterhood. This record of dreams and visions is an invitation to embark upon a sacred journey into hope, purpose, and friendship with God.

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Unlocking The Language Of Dreams


God is far from silent, desiring not only to speak but to speak to you. Unlocking the Language of Dreams is an invitation to understand how God communicates in the night season. When Jesus walked the earth, He would often articulate truth through parables. Jesus would share stories that paralleled spiritual truths. God still speaks in parables in the form of dreams, looking for those who are hungry and humble enough to search for His word. God wants to broaden our understanding of dreams, symbols, and interpretation so that our ears may be open to hearing Him. God desires to unlock the language of dreams in your life.

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Warrior is a call to stand victoriously as sons and daughters of God. Each of us plays a prominent part in the spiritual war taking place. We have been mandated to bear the light and love of God, dethroning the kingdom of darkness. Through stories, teaching, and revelation, Warrior shows us how to navigate spiritual warfare from rest, victory, and identity in Christ. As sons and daughters of God, victory isn’t our destination; it’s our dwelling place.




Pioneer is an invitation into understanding the road that is guiding us to our God-given destiny. It’s a road that isn’t meant to be walked alone but in friendship with God. It’s one where we learn about identity, persistence, faith, and how to overcome. Through stories, teaching, and revelation, Pioneer shows us how to live a life of longevity, legacy, and—most importantly—friendship with God. We live in a time where God is raising up pioneers who will demonstrate His goodness and glory to families, communities, cities, nations, and generations.


Revival Secrets


"Revival Secrets" is the coming together of fathers, mothers, and generals of the faith who have experienced revival. Throughout this book they have shared their teachings and revelations; they have shared their stories and testimonies of how they’ve seen the transformative power of God demonstrated. This is for the purpose of inspiring those who will one day carry the torch of revival; to champion future generations to believe for God to move in their time. We are living in a time where Jesus is encountering hearts throughout the earth. He is healing the sick and freeing the oppressed. He is transforming cities and shaking nations. He is marking generations. You are called to be a voice of revival in your generation.

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You were created for purpose. God wants to refine your eyes to see your significance.

Jesus' willingness to believe in broken men resulted in disciples becoming apostles.

L.R. Knight

List of works

Why Luc writes fiction novels:


“I believe that storytelling is one of the highest forms of teaching. While I appreciate straightforward teachings, such as ones that I write under my legal name, my goal isn’t only to teach adults. I have a heart for younger generations. For this reason, I took my teachings and adapted them to story, so that younger people may encounter the heart of God through my writing. I can say with a thankful heart that we have seen many young people, children and teenagers, encounter the heart of God through my fiction books.”


Why Luc uses a pen name:


“I’ve been asked many times why I don’t use the same name for all of my books. I use L.R. Knight for my fiction work to differentiate genres that I write, since both target varying audiences. Using a pen name disarms confusion and helps my readers to be up to date with upcoming books.”

A Dweller’s Tale


Song of the Dark Lands – Part I (Available December 1, 2022)

Tears of the Over World – Part II (TBD)


The Dark Lands are a vile place. Clans are at war; dark creatures prowl about. Brin Ansben, a dweller from Millstone, has been trained for war ever since she was a child. As the corrupt Chandalean King threatens lives, Brin must decide her fate. Will she be overtaken by evil that presses against her on ever side? Or, will she lift up her axe proving that she is more powerful than the darkness?


Rise of Shadow • Reign of Light



Road of a Paragon – Volume I

A Journey through Fire – Volume II

The Golden Land – Volume III


Kaldon’s true identity is unknown by even those closest to him. Secrets enshroud him; he is far more than he seems. Rumours abound throughout the land of Agadin as the Dominion of Shadow is waging war on the Kingdom of Light. Dark creatures manifest, slaying and terrifying citizens while warriors on both sides of this epic war rise up. Kaldon must decide who he will be. Will he be one who cowers or will he embrace his destiny and lift his blade?

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