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Dr. Luc Niebergall founded House of Scribes for the purpose of raising up emerging writers, authors, and scribes.


We are living in a time where God is raising up a fresh wave of writers, scribes, and authors. These are voices that will pen words that will have an incredible impact on hearts, nations, and generations. House of Scribes is a faith-based community of professionals who are passionate about coming alongside writers in all stages of their writing journey. Through teaching, coaching, publishing, and our writing community, we are committed to helping writers discover their unique message. Any book that has ever transformed a life had first begun as a message that burned inside the heart of a writer. This is why we are passionate about helping to give these messages a voice, bringing them to paper for the purpose of transforming hearts and lives.

House of Scribes offers:

  • - Online writing courses

  • - Writing consultations

  • - Editing

  • - Cover Design

  • - Book formatting

Any book that has ever transformed a life first began as a message that burned inside the heart of a writer.

“Dr. Luc Niebergall’s masterclass through House of Scribes is a must for anyone who has a desire to pen their story. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted I write a book—I just didn’t know how to start. Even if I did write it, then what? In the masterclass, Dr. Luc imparted his wisdom through engaging and informative teachings that equipped me with confidence to be the scribe who God has created me to be. Wrapping up with a one on one consultation with Dr. Luc was truly an honour. To share my ideas and to get his feedback was very empowering! This was the BEST investment I have ever made in myself.”

- Candace Blatchford

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